Professional Profile M.Cristina Ferri



- Degree in Biology - University of Bologna, Institute of Cancerology – ( with 110/110 cum Laude),
- Member of the National Register of Biologists, Specialist in Human Clinical/Sport Nutrition

  • until end 2016: was also Member of the National Register of Journalist.

  • And before: was byUGIS (It. Union of Scientific Journalists) by E.U.S.J.A., European Union of Scientific Journalist' Association
- Member of the "Task Group on Public Perceptions in Biotechnology" - European Federation of Biotechnology (media group: Italian representative)
- Winner of the 10° edition of the National Award for biomedical writers:“Premio Federchimica” Milano 27.4.1998 for articles and books on: "Food quality and biotechnology " - Federchimica is the Italian Society of Chemical Industries
- Winner of the Regional Award for women's career: "Gran Dama degli Scaligeri"
III edition, January 2000, Verona.
- 1997-99: consultant for Monsanto Italia (for biotechnology communication)
-1999 -2001: "Academic Guest" Institute for Biotechnology - ETH, Zurich (CH)

Member of the AINUT (Italian Association of Biologists Nutritionists), specialized in Human Clinical/Sport Nutrition (Master by the National Register of Biologists - Messina (I) 1997

Masters and Seminars followed since 2001 to 2016:
Master in Pediatric Nutrition (July 2001 -Milano by the "Istituto Danone" - Pediatric Clinic, University of Milano)
International Congress on "Clinical Ecology and Nutrition", Paestum (I) May 2002
International Congress: "Obesity 2002" - Verona (I)
HI Europe 2002: "Health Ingredients and Nutraceuticals" Paris (F)
Master in "Holistc Psichiatry and Nutrition" - Bologna (I) 2003
"GMO 2004: legislation and research", GSISR - MI (I) 2004
"Obesity Managemant " - L'Aquila (I) AQ-University, ABNI 20/21 -05/04
Prevention and nutritional approach - Nutrition Center Italia, ROME 11-12/06/04
"Food and Sport" University of Imola, 14/05/05
"Food and Seniority" ABNI, Roma 16-17 /6 2005
International Congress on Holistic Nutrition (Food Allergies and Intollerances), Paestum (I), May 2006
MASTER on Clinical Nutrition 2007 (Milano/Roma) By Natural srl
"Autism, Hyperactivity, Epilepsy: Metabolism, Toxicology, Nutrition" International Congress - Stelior / Autism Padua - Padua March 2009
Master in "English for Biomedical Professionals" Pennsylvania University USA, May-August 2009
FAO Rome September 4, 2009: "Nutrition and nutrition support: Guidelines for the profession of Biologist Nutritionist"
"Food and Sport" AINUC Rome - 10-11 / 12/2010
"Nutrigenetics and Obesity" AINUC Verona 11-12 / 03/2011
"Fundamental Nutrition Models and Applications for Clinical Practice" AINUC Course for Biologists and Doctors 1-10 / 07/2011 Sperlonga (LT)
First Certificate of Professional Training in Eating Disorders and Obesity - for Biologists, M. Doctors, Psychologists (on EATING DISORDERS) Verona (I) AIDAP 2012-2013

As a Scientific Journalist, she was correspondent for:

"Il Giornale di Brescia" daily newspaper of Brescia - Medicine and Science -  (since 1996 
"IDEAZIONE", national cultural bimonthly printed in Roma (since 3/2004) 
 "Le Scienze" Italian version of Scientific American, Milano (1996-2003)
since 1988 -1995: "Terra e vita" (weekly of agriculture),
RAI (Italian broadcasting: "Linea Verde" - "GR1 Agricoltura, Alimentazione, Ambiente"), "Agricoltura" (by the agriculture ministry).
"l'Arena" and "Il Sole 24 Ore" (daily Local and National  newspapars)

She has been consultant for scientific communication to:
- O.E.M.F. (Organizzazione Editoriale Medico Farmaceutica), Milano
- ISMEA (Istituto Studi sul Mercato Agricolo) , Roma
- CBA (Centro di Biotecnologie Avanzate), Genova
- Fair of Verona

"LA CITTA' DEI LEONI"   (Lions' Town)  a science fiction on biotechnology,  ALBATROS Ed Ed. 2010 - National Award for writers  Rome 2015  

“Beyond the evidence: mytohology and truth about food intolerances”
Publisher: MIR edizioni (Florenz Italy) May 2007

"The genius in the pocket" , guide to biotechnology
by M. Cristina Ferri
Published in the 1995 by the Council of Verona and presented to the scierntific press in Milano (11/96).
Review also in French and German in the "BioTECH forum" 6/95 by the Swiss B.I.C.S. (Information et Communication du Programme Prioritaire Biotechnologie).
It has been the first Italian book about biotechnology FOR GENERAL PUBLIC and also distributed in the schools (age 15-18)

"Biotechnology: the evolution of Biology"
By M. Cristina Ferri
The book has been published by the SEI of Torino (Societa' Editrice Internazionale) on March 1997 and presented in Utrecht at the EIBE meeting (June 27/97: European Initiative in Biotechnology Education).
Review also in French and German in the "BioTECH forum" 6/97 by the Swiss B.I.C.S. (Information et Communication du Programme Prioritaire Biotechnologie).
A summary in English is available if requested.

By M. Cristina Ferri
The book has been published by Edagricole on april 99 and presented at the Gala Dinner for scientists, industries and press, 13/12/99 (Milano, Circolo della Stampa).
Review also in English in the "BioTECH forum" 3/99 by the Swiss B.I.C.S. (Information et Communication du Programme Prioritaire Biotechnologie).

Personal presentation at conferences and workshops
-Verona (I) November 23, 2012: Conference on "Biotechnology and Development" LIONS Int. - Victoria Palace
-S.Vito di Negrar (I) June 2011: Conference on "Women's Nutrition" Women V.lla Hotel S.Vito
-Verona (I) June 16, 2010: Conference on: "Menopause feeding" at the Sun Moon Association
-Vicenza (I) 16 February 2009: "Young people and scientific divulgation" Liceo Scientifico G.B.Quadri, S.Paolo Cultural Center - reading and moderating the debate with academic guests and the public
-Verona (I) 17 / November 2004: "Metabolic Aspects of Obesity" Rotary Club Verona,
Verona (I) 17/11/03 "Obesity: metabolic aspects" presentation at the Rorary Club of VR
Madrid (ES) 13-14/06/03 presentation at the EU workshop on biotechnology: "Who should communicate with the public and how?"
-Brussels (BE) 09/07/02 EU meeting on "Life Science in Media Communication"
Under the aegis of the EGLS. Presentation: "The Scientific Communication in Italy"
Vicenza (I) "Istituto Comprensivo Bortolan" 7-9 January 2002: "Educational Course for Teachers and students on Human Nutrition"
S. Felice del Benaco - BS (I), 10/11/2001. ABNI (National Assotiation of Biologists Nutritionists): "Course on Human Nutrition - Lesson on :"Biotechnology and Food"
Trieste (I) 24/11/2000, Conference organized by the National Register of Biologists on GMO - Presentation: "Biosafety and transgenic food"
Berlin (D), Sept.. 2000: TGPPB-EFB meeting
Milan (I) 9/2/99 at the FAST (Italian Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations). Presentation: "New opportunities of biotechnology for agriculture and food".
Brussels (BE) 15-16/12/98, European Biotechnology Forum (EFB: European Federation Biotechnology - Chairwomen of the session: "European Commission Initiatives)
Vienna (A) Dec. 1998, TGPPB-EFB meeting
Zurich (CH) 15/9/98, Swiss Association for the Cultural and Economical Exchanges with Italy. Presentation: "Biotechnology and hunger".
London (UK) , Jan. 1997, TGPPB-EFB meeting
-Udine (I), 14/11/97: "How to communicate Biotechnology" presentation at the Conference : "The future of the AgBio " (ERSA - Monsanto, Novartis, Agrevo - Italia"
Milan, (I) November 96 presentation at the press office of MI :"Talking about biotechnology".
-Verona (I): 19/04/94 "Biotechn ology for agriculture" presentation at Rotary Club Villafranca (VR)

Italian broadcasting:
- TV "Linea Verde" : at the National channel RAI 1, presentation: "Biotechnology and food" - November 97 -
Guest of "Zapping" RADIO 1 - with Aldo Forbice, May 1997 (answers to the public: biotechnology and human health)
Guest of RADIO 1, with Luca Liguori, February 1998 (interview)
Guest of "Zapping" RADIO 1 - with Aldo Forbice, February 2000 (answers to the public: biotechnology and food)


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